The aim of my work is quite simple - to make the everyday unique and beautiful. Far too often, the objects we adore the most we hide away for safekeeping, fearful any touch might spoil it, any brush might destroy it. Instead, they become unique and beautiful receptacles for dust

I wanted to change all that. To create unique and individual designs on household objects we use everyday. Maybe a famous actor on a coffee mug, or a skull on a teapot. Handmade, original, beautiful designs you can enjoy on your own or share with family and friends.

Inspiration comes from many corners. From human anatomy to popular culture. But while I have my loves, many of my customers have asked me for one-off designs that mean something to them. Commissions I'm happy to consider and that have taken me in new and exciting directions. 


Much of my collection is centred on common household porcelain - mugs, plates, even salt and pepper shakers. However, I also have a range of unique one-off paintings, ideal for a sci-fan tragic perhaps, greetings cards, prints and photographs

Whether you purchase a plate, painting or a print you can be assured the design has been originally produced in the heart of London. 

While, all of the household items and designs are sturdy enough for everyday use. Mugs and teapots etc can be used as normal. Wash in warm, soapy water rather than dishwashing. Plates are purely decorative and should not be used at the dinner table as cutlery can scratch the design.

Feel free to browse and if you have any questions about my handmade designs simply email me...